Schedule of Fees

Service typeUnit costMonday – Friday
(7am – 5pm)
Monday – Friday
(5pm – 7am)
SaturdaySaturdayPublic Holiday
AIN-Domestic SupportPer hour$75.00$95.94$99.69$106.44$144.38
AIN Personal Care and Social SupportPer hour$75.00$95.94$99.69$106.44$144.38
Registered NursePer hour$127.19$162.19$134.50$168.13$246.88
Transport assistance during servicePer KM$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50$1.50
Staff travel costs to visit youPer visitFor Consumers that live within 10km radius of the Huntley Home Care Office, no fee for staff travelling to you to provide a service will be incurred.
For Consumers that live outside the 10km radius for Huntley Homecare Office a fee is incurred per km from the boundary of the radius to the consumers home.
This is calculated at a rate of $1.50/km and discussed with each consumer on entering a Home Care Agreement with Huntley Home Care.
Supplementary Care

Care management above your standard package will incur addition charges
Per 30 mins$50.00$75.00$90.00$90.00$100.00
Income Tested FeeAssessed per individualYou may have been assessed by Services Australia (Australian Government as requiring contributing an income-tested fee). This fee, if applicable, is an extra contribution to your Home Care Package based on your individual assessed income. Full pensioners do not pay an income-tested care fee. You will be notified of the amount to contribute to a letter from Services Australia, a copy is also sent to the provider.
Exit feeMax Total$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00

External Service Costs and Purchases

Service typeExamplesCost
Equipment and other itemsPurchasing of equipment i.e., Wheelchair, scooter, wheelie walker, hoist, specialist bed, pressure relieving mattresses, personal alarms, assistive technology.
Also, incontinence aids, stoma care, wound products.
Invoice cost plus 10% service fee (capped at $100.00)
Allied HealthPodiatry, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapy, dietician, psychologistInvoice cost plus 10% service fee
MaintenanceGardening, repairs, building/home modifications, spring cleaningInvoice cost plus 10% service fee
Other servicesMeal packages, outings with outside providersInvoice cost plus 10% service fee

Management Service Fees per Fortnight

Package Management FeeA fixed fee that covers the ongoing administration and organisational activities associated with ensuring the smooth delivery and management of your Home Care Package. It includes costs for preparing monthly statements, managing your package funds, payments, accounting and compliance with Government regulations and standardsFortnightly charge:

Level 1 $39.37
Level 2 $69.26
Level 3 $150.78
Level 4 $228.58
Care Management FeeThe Care Management fee is fixed and covers the cost associated with ensuring that you are receiving the services you choose to best meet your individual needs. This is achieved by engaging with you to undertake an initial assessment and care planning, ongoing care reviews, ensuring your care is aligned with other support services as required, rostering, and scheduling the service to suit your needs and preferences and providing a point of contact for the consumer.
This also includes addressing risk to the consumers safety and well-being ensuring care delivered is culturally appropriate.

Fortnightly charge:

Level 1 $68.94
Level 2 $121.25
Level 3 $263.87
Level 4 $400.01